Saturday, 14 April 2012

How to make money with android app? View-1

Making money with android is not an one day task. You are a programmer and created an app worth using and are ready to publish it. But before you do you are thinking how will you earn money from it?

The thing about earning money is dont go behind it. Make yourself so much capable that money comes to you when you call it. Making money is all about how much popular your app is(Apart from how good it is). Making your app popular is to make users know you have an app.

Suppose you have an app like finding location of users say. Google for questions like "Best location finder" or something of that sort. You'll be having the comments section. Speak good about some of them and post url of your app saying to review it and how it is different from the other apps. This is one way. Post a part of your code in some forums helping fellow developers and the url to show how it that is your app works.You have facebook, twitter. Tell your friends about it.

And finally blog it. You are free to post your apps here and ask for review and get some popularity and downloads.

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