Saturday, 14 April 2012

Android idea. Begining of an entreprenuer

How to get an idea for a hit app in android and earn money?
This question is been hindering the developers for good. Getting and idea for an app can be as easy as it is difficult. You could get ideas everywhere around you and search and see if that app is available in android market. And what do you see...1000's of apps better than what you thought are already available. So what should you do? Quit the idea? Forget have dinner and sleep?
Ya this is one way of approach. Who knows you might get a new idea the next day you search the market and the same results are displayed!!!

Get up and believe you can make it. If your idea is nowhere found then thats great. But if its already there then think how can you make it different from  the other 1000+ ones. Just relax and check out which features are not implemented. Nothing is perfect and the thing about perfection is it can be achieved. Even the most downloaded apps have things which they lack so there are version 1,2,3. Give your personal touch to the app.

You have to wear 2 caps. One developers and other users. You dream in one day and achieve it in many days. Never say you cant. But ask yourself how and your app will be downloaded 10k times more than others.

Lets motivate our fellow developers and strive for independence and entrepreneurship. Remember an entrepreneur is born when you say Yes I Will Make It.

What do you say?

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  1. Good Advice Abhijeet,

    I am not an Android Developer yet, I am currently studying Java at the moment. Developers need to realize that like any other product, android apps need to be promoted and more importantly the developer needs to research his product before he begins construction. Research the market of the product to determine if it will be profitable to begin with. Developers don't seem to be applying basic salesman and economic principles to their production strategies.