Sunday, 15 April 2012

How to create a hit android app?

Creating an android app is more an art than science. Think it as cooking, preparing your favourite dish. If you know to code means you have all the ingrediants for cooking. But for cooking you need to know the process. These are the old software engineering steps you have to follow. These are just an overview what you should do.

1. Get an idea.
You can refer to my previous blog.
2. Do feasibility studies
Think who will be using your app. Think of your target audience. Whether they will approve it and use it. You can ask your friends whether they will be interested to use it. This is the most important phase but it is often neglected.
3. Prepare a modular design
Think how can you break your app in small modules. They should be flexible enough. This will give you a chance to focus on things one at a time. Divide your app and conqure them one at a time.
4. Combine your modules.
Your modules should be working fine one at a time. But you need to combine them so that you can make them work as one as a whole.
5. Design a good UI
By this time you should have already created an UI in the above steps. Improve it. Dont make it too flashy or too dull. Add some animations in them which will keep your users happy.
6. Incremental approach
Finally it is an incremental approach so you need to go to first step again and follow all the steps. Do this until you are sure that your app is ready to be published.

These above steps will definately help you. Remember it is always good to have your own touch to make it unique. You are always welcome to use and share your development process.

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